Course Information
Title: Landscape Management
CRN: 1242138 Course ID: LAT137-U1
Term: Spring term 2012/13 Credits/Hours: 3/3
Instructor: S. JONES E-mail Phone Numbers
Dates: 4/1/2013 - 6/14/2013 Days: Tu
Times: 6:00PM - 8:50PM Location: RWC-I1
Estimated Tuition: $317.00 Estimated Fees: $12.00
Description: Covers essentials of both business commitment and daily, fundamental management activities associated with landscape maintenance. Includes general methods of site analysis, services costing and public relations. Assuming that the business has a client base, the course focuses on each maintenance activity as part of an overall management program with considerations given to seasonal impacts and scheduling adjustments.
  • MTH20
  • ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Score: 70
  • ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Score: 20
  • ACCUPLACER Intermediate Algebra Score: 1
  • ACCUPLACER College Algebra Score: 1
  • RD30
  • ACCUPLACER Reading Score: 79
  • WR30
  • ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Score: 70
  • Prerequisites: MTH20, RD30, and WR30 or appropriate placement test scores.


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